Frequently asked questions about asthma - what is it, how is it treated and how to prevent it.

Information for parents and caregivers

Most immunisations do not cause a reaction, but your child may develop a fever or experience tenderness, swelling and redness where the injection was given.

Here are some ways to make your child more comfortable.

A young person’s world can be shaken by any number of difficult life issues, from the real shaking of an earthquake, to illness, injury, bereavement, parental break up. Accidents, crime or broken relationships.  Whatever has happened, parents or other caring adults can play a key part in helping and encouraging them build their resilience and to move forward.  Showing them kindness, caring, compassion and understanding is important, and so is teaching – and showing them – key life skills.

Caring for a baby  can be challenging at times. Although you will hve lots of great moments, you may also have some worries about what is best for your baby. One of the hardest times can be when baby cries and you can't work out why. This can be very frustrating.

Depression is a change in mood, behaviour and feelings that can have subtle or dramatic effects on how you think, how you regard yourself, your life and the world, how well you cope with life’s problems., your ability to perform daily activities and still get satisfaction or enjoyment from them or the company of others. When these feelings are intense or show no signs of going away, they could be due to depression. Depression is a medical problem with physical and psychological parts. Most often, it can be effectively treated.

Let us help and support you in the journey to living life well

Living with diabetes - whether it's type1, type 2, gestational or pre-diabetes - can be challenging, and at times, feel isolating.

Being part of Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch (DNZAB) brings together our diabetes communities. Membership ensures that those with diabetes and those who care for people with diabetes are supported in their journey to living life well.

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Your Confidential Helpline

For information, support, counselling, referral, training

Your body needs some cholesterol to work properly, but too much cholesterol in the blood can create a fatty build up in your artery walls, narrowing arteries and restricting blood flow.  This can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Cholesterol  is a fat carried in the bloodstream which is made mostly by your liver as well as being in the foods we eat. 

HPV is a common virus that can cause HPV cancers in both males and females. The good news is that there is a vaccine to help protect you and your partner against HPV and HPV cancer. Better yet, it's FREE for men and women 26 and under.*

Research has shown that HPV is the main cause of a number of cancers including: vaginal, cervical and anal cancers. HPV also causes genital warts. Sadly a number of people die each year from cancers caused by HPV.

This information about rotavirus disease is for parents of babies and young children. It tells you what to do and how to stop the disease spreading if your child has rotavirus. It also explains how immunisation can protect your baby from rotavirus.

Frequent questions about iron deficiency and guidelines for how to get the right amount of iron in your diet.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.  Almost half of people over 60 and virtually all over 80 years of age have osteoarthritis  It has also been found in a few people under 21.  Osteoarthritis has been called “wear and tear” arthritis but a number of factors are involved.  It occurs as a result of the mechanical breakdown of the structures of the joints.  This happens most often in the large weight-bearing joints- the knees, hips and spine. It also often affects the hands. There is no cure for arthritis but here are many ways of managing the condition.

High Potassium Foods

If your potassium level is high, avoid these foods.  If your potassium level is low, choose these foods more often.

Postnatal support group

Creating well women, well families and well communities

Becoming a mother can be rewarding, it is also a physical and emotional challenge. Highs and lows are to be expected.

Education & Advice

The team offers education on a wide range of health topics from diet and lifestyle to sexual health, from safe food hygiene to asthma care and inhaler technique and variety of other healthcare issues.

If there is a healthcare issue that we are unable to supply advice on, then we will do our best to find further information or refer you to a health provider who can help.


We have used the services of Family Doctors’ at Smales since 2011. They have provided us with pre-employment screening for our clinical staff as well as on-site Flu vaccinations. Having the vaccinations on site makes it easier for our staff to participate in the annual vaccination programme.

The doctors have also provided us with an in depth occupational health assessment where privacy of the individual was fully respected and the employee made a safe and early return to work.

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