Welcome to Family Doctors @ Smales. We hope you find your experience beneficial and welcome your feedback

There are some policies that we would like you to be aware of when attending the clinic.

  • Payment of invoice is due at time of consultation unless prior arrangement has been made.

  • Our template for appointments is in 15 minute segments. If you think you require a double appointment for 30 minutes you can request this at reception when booking your appointment.

    Patients must give the clinic at least 24 hours notice if they wish to cancel their appointment; this gives us time to rebook the appointment time as we have people on cancellation lists. If less than 24 hours notice is given, or the patient does not arrive for their appointment, they may be billed.

  • Most patients will be required to see the Doctor every 3 months for repeat prescriptions unless prior arrangement has been made.

  • If you have had an accident you will be required to sign an ACC form. ACC provides a partial subsidy for the consultation, the balance is paid by the patient. If the ACC claim is declined you will be invoiced for the difference of an ACC consultation and a non ACC consultation.

  • If you require a Medical Certificate for work or school, please ask at the time of consultation. If a Certificate is required at a later date, a consultation fee may apply.

    There will be a fee for any repeat prescription orders or referrals outside of a Doctor’s consultation. We require a 24 hour turnaround for this.

    • $20.00 - Prescription, posted or collected
    • $25.00 - Prescription, faxed to a pharmacy
    • $20.00 - Referral Letters/Medical and Insurance Reports

    If you require same day prescriptions there will be an additional $5.00 fee.

  • Here at Family Doctors we charge $5.00 per INR result as it takes time for our clinical staff to adjust the dose and correspondence of the information to the patient. The maximum charge per month is $20.00

  • If you wish to get a WINZ form signed or need a controlled prescription it is pertinent that you are a registered patient. We will not be able to do this for Casual patients.

The following Terms of Trade apply to services provided by Family Doctors @ Smales Limited to its patients.

We offer a professional and non judgmental environment to the transgender community.


We began using Family Doctors at Smales at the request of a client, location was the biggest issue for our client so Family Doctors solved this issue because of location.

We have found dealing with Family Doctors meets our current needs, we are now using Family Doctors for additional services and these are being met well.

We would recommend Family Doctors for the location, access to medical help and ease of use with staff.



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