High Potassium Foods

If your potassium level is high, avoid these foods.  If your potassium level is low, choose these foods more often.

Fruits Vegetables Other
Apricots Artichokes Chocolate
Avocados Beans (dried): black Cocoa
Bananas kidney, lima, pinto Custard
Dates red, white, refried, etc. Lentils
Figs Greens: beet, chard, Milk
Kiwi collard, kale, mustard, Milk drinks
Mangos spinach, turnip Milkshakes
Melons Parsnips Nut butters
Nectarines Potatoes: sweet, white Nuts
Oranges French fries, chips, etc. Peanut butter
Papayas Pumpkins Peanuts
Peaches, fresh Tomatoes: fresh, canned, Pudding
Pears, fresh paste, sauce, soup, juice Salt Substitutes
Prunes Winter squash Yogurt
*Any fruit juices made from these fruits Yams  

Lower Potassium Foods

If your potassium is high, choose these foods more often

Fruits Vegetables Other
Apples Beans: green, wax Bread products
Apple juice Cabbage Nondairy creamer
Applesauce Celery Pasta
Blackberries Corn Rice
Blueberries Crookneck squash Tortillas
Cranberries Cucumber  
Cranberry juice Eggplant  
Grapes Lettuce  
Grape juice Onions  
Peaches, canned Peas, green  
Peach nectar Peppers  
Pears, canned Radish  
Pear nectar Summer squash  
Pineapple juice    
Strawberry nectar    

Clinical Dietitians, Food & Nutrition Services, UC Davis Medical Center (9/07) 2007 The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved,


We have used the services of Family Doctors’ at Smales since 2011. They have provided us with pre-employment screening for our clinical staff as well as on-site Flu vaccinations. Having the vaccinations on site makes it easier for our staff to participate in the annual vaccination programme.

The doctors have also provided us with an in depth occupational health assessment where privacy of the individual was fully respected and the employee made a safe and early return to work.

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