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Our employment services are completed by an Occupational Health Nurse and/or a GP and can include but are not limited to the following services.

A full, detailed assessment for employment can take up to 1.5 hours and may include some or all of the listed tests dependant on what your employer has requested.

This legal document providing evidence of an individuals fitness to drive is required for numerous commercial and passenger licences, and must be renewed on a regular basis outlined by New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA).

We are able to provide the full examination and completion of all required paperwork in line with the NZTA requirements, for all classes of licence.

Protecting employees from harm is part of the duty of care for an employer. This could mean providing vaccination for employees against diseases they may potentially come in to contact with during the course of their role. This would include the risks an employee may be exposed to during the course of their business abroad.

We are able to provide all Occupational and Travel Vaccinations, and any travel risk assessment and advice.

Please note: Except for Yellow Fever which is an International Vaccine Certificate requirement for some international destinations – We are able to advise on where and when this may be required, but have to refer to another provider for vaccination as per international World Health Organisation rules.

With a focus on safety in the workplace, more companies are performing drug and alcohol testing, and not only in roles deemed to be safety critical.

We are able to provide screening for both drug and alcohol in line with Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4308:2008, with NZQA qualified drug testers.

We provide screening services at the clinic for pre-employment, and in the event of a positive result can either refer for further testing or send the sample directly to Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) for lab analysis depending on your company policy.

We are able to conduct post incident testing, but only during clinic hours.

We do not conduct or provide on-site workplace testing (i.e. we can not test individuals anywhere other than the clinic.)

In some roles visual acuity may be a safety critical function (for example, drivers, machine operators) and in other occupations colour vision could - For example, electricians, linesmen.

We are able to asses both near and far visual acuity, and test for colour blindness.

With the current state of occupational health, and Health and Safety in NZ coming under increasing scrutiny, and with new legislation due soon, this service is designed to protect both individuals and companies.

Each and every role will present potential risks, and there’s no denying individual employee’s (or potential employees) will bring their own health and individual risks.

A baseline assessment and physical/health assessment are useful in assessing an individuals suitability for a role, the role’s suitability for them, and to ensure that the role isn’t having a negative health impact over time.

A screening test designed to assess an individuals risk of occupational lung issues such as occupational asthma.

Our screening test involves a Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) assessment which will provide a Forced Expiratory Volume 1 and 6 (FEV1 and FEV6).

Based on these results we can assess an individuals current lung function status, if indicated on these results we can refer for full Spirometry to assess their risk from / in the proposed occupation.

These are useful for all roles from desk to labouring, a musculoskeletal assessment includes assessment of the range of movement (ROM) for all major joints and limbs, assessment of any restrictions in ROM, any existing injuries, or any potential musculoskeletal issues that could impact on the role or vice versa.

This includes conditions that could be aggravated by periods of prolonged sitting, other repetitive movements or fixed positioning.

Hearing is an obvious risk factor for industrial/commercial workplaces and a baseline should be gained to assess any existing loss, and for future comparison to assess any damage occurring in the role.

We are able to provide a basic hearing assessment and refer for further testing in the event of abnormal results.

Appropriate referrals to required services Auckland wide


We have used the services of Family Doctors’ at Smales since 2011. They have provided us with pre-employment screening for our clinical staff as well as on-site Flu vaccinations. Having the vaccinations on site makes it easier for our staff to participate in the annual vaccination programme.

The doctors have also provided us with an in depth occupational health assessment where privacy of the individual was fully respected and the employee made a safe and early return to work.

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