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Because no two trips are the same, and no two travellers are the same, we keep our consultations relevant to your specific requirements.

Our recommendations will be based purely on your needs, and will cover so much more than vaccines and malaria.

Zillo pillow

Zillo logozillo side supportBeing comfortable when you travel is important. Don't let a stiff neck and pain ruin your next trip.

The Zillopillow (Zillo) was developed by an Osteopath, Andrew Bolton M.Ost, who specialises in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal pain.

Zillo is designed to reduce the incidence of neck and upper back pain sustained during seated flight travel. It enhances comfort during a flight and improves recovery post flight.

zillo neck supportDeveloped using Biomechanical principles, scientific research and extensive investigation into aircraft seat ergonomics of various economy and premium economy aircraft seats.

After 4 years of research and development, concepts were developed that focused on the neck, upper back and shoulder area to make the best travel pillow.